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Big Talbot Island State Park | Florida

Big Talbot Island is a North Florida treasure!  It is a gorgeous state park just outside of Jacksonville, FL offering walking and biking trails, kayaking, and beach access.  It is an excellent location for birdwatching and photography enthusiasts.  

About Us

Hello There, Welcome to Two Giants in a Kia!  

We are Jérémi and Katie, two Floridians who love the outdoors and exploring together.  We have set a goal to visit every Florida state park (175 in total).  It might take us a long time, but we are determined to do it, and want to document our journey online.  Although individually we have each visited different state parks, our countdown only includes parks that we visit together (which is why we are starting at zero).  Oh and we cannot forget to introduce Waldo, our trusty steed!  Waldo is Katie's 2011 Kia Soul who gets us safely to our destinations.

We hope to consistently be posting our adventures on here so we can go back and remember them for years to come.  Although we created this to primarily document our journey in visiting each Florida state park, we will also post about other adventures we go on together.

Thank you for stopping by our little piece of the internet, we hope you enjoy!