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Big Talbot Island State Park | Florida

Big Talbot Island is a North Florida treasure!  It is a gorgeous state park just outside of Jacksonville, FL offering walking and biking trails, kayaking, and beach access.  It is an excellent location for birdwatching and photography enthusiasts.  

To get to the beach, there is a short hiking trail through the trees and palmetto bushes.  Big Talbot Island's boneyard beach is unique in comparison to most other Florida beaches because it is a tree graveyard.  Since Big Talbot Island is a barrier island, waters are constantly wearing it down, eroding the beaches.  The erosion caused the giants trees on the island to fall, creating the boneyard that you can find today.  The driftwood trees on the beach are a fantastic background for photography and are also an important part of the ecosystem.  

While we were walking down the beach we came to a part where the ground turned into a black/brown lava rock looking material.  It was very dense and became slippery around the tidal pools and shoreline.  This section of the beach is actually called Blackrock Beach and the ground is made up of densely packed sand that gets its color from decayed leaves.  Although the sand is very densely packed and is solid enough to be walked on, it is important to be mindful of where you step because the edges can break away depending on how you step down.

This is a state park that I (Katie) have been to several times before as I love to take pictures here.  I could not wait to share the magic of this park with Jérémi and was not disappointed when he loved it just as much as I do. 

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